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Leah Cycling Top- Black/Blue Floral by Cogma


Leah Cycling Top- Black/Blue Floral by Cogma

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The Leah Riding Top was designed for those not afraid to ride hard and show a girly side to boot.   The bustier inspired bodice has the technical features for the demands of dirt and a peek-a-boo neckline to keep your sports bra concealed.  You’ll look hot yet just below the empire waistline the breezy fine knit fabric will keep you cool on the warmest of days.  Just enough tailoring through the front for a slim silhouette. The back pocket allows for a stash of a few basic essentials.  Be strong, be bella, be Leah!

Looks great with the Kensington Pleated Skirt, adds a touch of elegance to a pair of baggies, or for a truly hot look pair with some shortie bike shorts.

Italian rider and Olympic gold medal winner, Paola Pezzo, came on the mountain bike scene in the 90′s with some downright racy racing kits.  She created a splash but she wasn’t alone in lending credence to the idea that strong & feminine can be one.

Around that same time Leah G. raced for a Spanish mountain bike team.  In keeping with those stylish, fun-loving Spaniards she competed in flattering, spicy togs AND killed it.  The seeds for Cogma Bikewear were plante


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