When you're tired of wearing the same old shorts, throw on some pleats! Cogma thought of everything when they designed this cute skirt. Kensington fits over your most comfortable chamois, is designed ride steeps and jumps without catching your seat and even has reflective trim to keep you safe when you're out playing after dark.

The skirt is designed to be worn as a low-rider. To help best determine the right size for you, measure around your hips where your low-rider jeans or yoga pants sit. This is typically about 3-4″ below your belly button.

If your approximate measurement (in inches) is:

  • 30-31″ ~ order a size XS/0 skirt
  • 32-33″ ~ order a size S/4 skirt
  • 34-36″ ~ order a size M/8 skirt
  • 37-38″ ~ order a size L/10 skirt
  • $65.00
Matte Black