I Heart Dirty Jane Sticker

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Mountain Bike Stickers 

Stickers are an awesome way to show brand loyalty and let everyone know you're part of our biking community! Whatever unique place you find to stick your Dirty Jane sticker, make you take a pic and tag us on Instagram so we can share it in our stories.

We are a small women-owned and operated business and while packing and shipping your new bike gear is exciting for us, it does cost us money to ship it to you. 

We think a $9 flat rate to ship in the contigent US is totally reasonable. ($1 of this helps to plant a tree)  

Tax is included in all our prices so no surprises at checkout. 

We'll give you one freebie shipment! If this is your first order you can create an account and we'll ship it free if it's over $100. 

Canada shop our CDN site. Or you can pay the $29 shipping fee here.

View our full policy here.

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