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THE FREEL-Shorts - Mountain-Wild Rye-Swirling Dots-0-Dirty Jane

If you're signing up for your first enduro race, are just starting out and hit the ground often, or just love hitting the trails in style, the Freel is for you.

They're made with a durable, four-way stretch nylon that will protect you from the sun, overgrown shrubs you graze as you speed past, and the gravel section you just superwomaned.

The Freel can handle anything you throw at it. These bike shorts are sturdy, built to last (unlike the throwaway culture) and they sooooo purdy!

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Water repellant + Breathable

Storage pocket big enough for your phone (even a plus!), sunglasses or energy bar

Durable, abrasion-resistant nylon

Gusseted crotch, 221 gsm, 12" inseam, size 8

UPF 50

Available in sizes 0-18

3 Brand New Drool-Worthy Colors And Patterns

Swirling Dots

Just the right touch of class in a bright cornflower blue, the swirling dots keep it simple and are inspired by movement, no matter your style or speed.


Inspired by flight, these hand-drawn bee buddies salute spring and summer while bringing just the right touch of feminine in a lovely mauve.


These quirky creatures pack a personality (and, if you’re lucky, all your s**t). They’re more than pack animals—they’re ready to party, and they don’t make excuses. Embrace your inner vicuña!

How About One In Each Color?!

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