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About Us

How It Started

We’ve all heard the story about the hobbyist-turned-entrepreneur: the diver turned dive store owner, the traveler who started a travel agency, biker who started a Harley store, etc.

Well, that’s exactly why Dirty Jane was founded.

I started mountain biking in Whistler, BC in 2002 when there were only a handful of women standing in the lift line to ride the downhill trails. And shortly after getting set up with a bike and helmet, I realized the gear I was wearing -- hello, cotton t-shirt and oversized men’s Roach shorts (remember those?!) I was wearing -- just wouldn’t cut it.

But finding comfy, cool, high-quality cycling clothes made to fit women’s bodies, that didn’t have seams where seams should never be and that were available in colours other than black and grey was virtually impossible.

The local bike shops catered to men (and mostly still do!). And shopping online wasn’t a thing back then (oh, how much did I just age myself?!)

We're All Athletes

There was next to nothing in the way of ‘lady cyclist’ gear and what was available seemed to be size zero or extra small (aka, not getting past my thighs with zero hope of getting them done up).

Ok, quick rant here…

I’m no math major, but what the hell is up with “size zero?” Zero means there’s no size, right? Or am I missing something math-y? Turns out size zero was first used to describe Twiggy, a British supermodel known for her “fragile figure.”

Women cyclists come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but I wouldn't call any of us “fragile.” Not by a long shot.

Bill Bowerman, Nike co-founder once said, “... if you have a body, you are an athlete.”

Well hello, fellow athletes!

I’m Amy (she, her) and Dirty Jane is my hobbyist-turned-entrepreneur dream come true.

Life On Two Wheels

I love mountain biking, cycling, riding, whatever you call it. I love every muddy, bumpy, hanging-on-by-the-seat-of-my-pants (or by sheer will!) adrenaline-pumping part of mountain biking, including the falls and crazy off-camber rock rolls.

Life on two wheels is, quite simply, my passion.

What I didn’t love about it was not having access to well-made, technical mountain biking clothes specifically for women. Aka me.

Why do I care so much about mountain biking clothes for women? Let’s be real for a sec. Sport specific clothes make it easy for people to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities safely. They also help you feel more confident and boost your performance - when you look the part you act the part.

It was very clear to me: If I wanted better rides, I needed better clothing that fit my body properly.

Mission:To be the online hub for the best brands in women’s biking apparel -- and showcase as many women-owned brands as possible.

Vision:Dirty Jane believes women have the right to be comfortable, feel good and look great on or off the trail.

Community/Inclusivity:It’s 2021, it should go without saying that we need to be more inclusive. We’re always working on it.While inclusivity and diversity are popular terms at the moment, those aren’t buzzwords at Dirty Jane.

We welcome every rider who identifies as female or wears women’s clothing. And we welcome women of all riding levels.

We want to be sure women riders can find everything they need to safely and comfortably enjoy our sport. That means constantly being on the lookout for stand out brands that have a great assortment of sizes, colors and pattern options to add to the Dirty Jane hub.

It also means I do a deep dive into these brands to ensure their values align with Dirty Jane’s.

Education: Riding a bike is a lot of fun. And I’d LOVE it if more women rode. It’s great exercise, sure. But it’s also good for mental health. Nothing makes me happier and more at peace with the world than a hard, sweaty ride that pushes me to my limits.

But I don’t like riding alone (well, sometimes I do, but it's all about community!).

Cycling is a social sport. If we want more women riders tearing up the trails, and going out for bevvies and tacos after, we have to show them how to get - and stay - involved. That means volunteering for group rides, offering education on bike gear and more clinics for women.


Every time you order from Dirty Jane, we plant one tree. (Not ourselves, a charity called One Tree Planted does it for us, because they’re fabulous.)

Why trees, Dirty Jane?

Well, online world, One Tree Planted says it way better than I could: Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity. They also provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines.

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Anka | Women's Flannel Bike Jersey-womens bike jersey > womens mountain bike jerseys > womens mtb jerseys > womens long sleeve bike jersey-Zoic-XS-Dirty Jane

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Anka | Women's Flannel Bike Jersey-womens bike jersey > womens mountain bike jerseys > womens mtb jerseys > womens long sleeve bike jersey-Zoic-XS-Dirty Jane

Sold out