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Become a Brand Partner: Drop Shipping with Dirty Jane


Are you the owner or work for a cycling brand? If so, this may be a great fit for your company! Please see the brands we currently work with HERE:  - GO TO: "shop by brand". 

Over here at Dirty Jane headquarters we like to keep the drop shipping process easy, simple and mutually beneficial – for YOU, for our CUSTOMERS and for US!


INITIAL SET UP: Dirty Jane posts product images, product description and MSRP on

CUSTOMER ORDER: Dirty Jane customer purchases products from Dirty Jane website and offers payment via for the product(s), shipping and applicable taxes. Dirty Jane communicates with the customer.

BRAND PARTNER ORDER: Brand Partner (YOU!) receives an email from Dirty Jane (OR completed through your B2B website) that offers you:

  • Customer name

  • Mailing address & telephone #

  • Product(s) ordered

*You will have the Dirty Jane credit card and billing address permanently on file.

*Dirty Jane requires monthly updates on inventory availability.

SHIPPING: You charge the Dirty Jane credit card for the wholesale price of the product(s) + shipping costs. You will provide Dirty Jane with a receipt and then mail the product to the customer directly.

*Shipping will be sent off by you via your regular avenue of shipping, including boxes and other supplies. Dirty Jane does not require special packaging.

Where do you ship your products to?

Dirty Jane currently ships only within the USA. International shipping is only considered upon special request by our customers.

How do you calculate shipping cost in the USA via drop ship?

Dirty Jane works directly with you to decide upon the best shipping method. We will gladly use your preferred method that your company most often uses. Either a standard shipping rate or the exact amount of shipping may be determined upon mailing the products out.

Do you carry stock at your facility?

The stock Dirty Jane carries is very limited. We will consider stocking high volume items and purchasing these for ease of shipment. If there are particular items that sell very well and/or you inform us that in-house stock is running low, Dirty Jane may purchase several size-runs a a particular product line.

Do you ever discount your products online?

Never. Products on the Dirty Jane website will remain at MSRP. We will never discount a product unless you have requested that we do so in order to help move product. From time to time we will offer a limited offer discount code to a women's bike group, or free shipping options, but Dirty Jane covers all of the deals offered to customers.

What do we charge Dirty Jane for the product?

Dirty Jane functions as a retailer much like your traditional stores and wholesale prices are given to Dirty Jane. In addition to the wholesale cost of the product plus shipping, Dirty Jane will often pay either: A) fixed percentage of sales; and/or B) a flat drop shipping rate of $10 per customer.

Will you carry all of our products on the Dirty Jane website?

Dirty Jane sells gear and apparel that is women-specific, as well as traditional adult male/youth products that cross over well for women to use. If the full product line is a good fit we will gladly post all of the products. In some cases ,Dirty Jane simply sells a handful of items from a particular Brand Partner – i.e. items that are well-stocked; women-specific, etc.

What if a customer returns a product?

Dirty Jane works with our customers directly on all

returns & exchanges and assumes any additional

cost associated with this.

Do you work directly with manufacturers or work with intermediaries?

Most of our communication is with the manufacturer directly. That

being said, if you would prefer we work with a local distributor, we are happy to do what works best for you. Dirty Jane is located in Tempe, Arizona and in the past we have worked directly with local distributors via drop ship.

We don't currently have an official drop ship program. What do you suggest we do?

As drop shipping becomes more popular we have seen an increase in companies creating an official drop ship program. If creating an official drop ship program is not in your immediate plan, we have very simple solutions. We have many partners where Dirty Jane sells the product on our website, and once the order comes in we simply reach out to the Brand Partner and they send off the order to the customer. The only risk to overcome is ensuring that the products listed on the Dirty Jane website are in stock with you.

Do you anticipate Dirty Jane having a traditional store-front (brick and mortar) in the future?

No. Dirty Jane was created to serve a community of women cyclists across North America. Having a storefront would limit the reach for Dirty Jane as we are interested in supporting women riders of all levels and in all geographic locations. We have built an incredible online community of women that interact with each other, and come to Dirty Jane for the best gear and apparel.

What kind of volume do you anticipate?

We are a small yet fast growing company. As we bring on a new brand we anticipate that it may take two-three months to build the level of awareness and excitement within the Dirty Jane community that a new brand has arrived.

How do you promote new brands on Dirty Jane?

A full “new product launch” is created every time a new brand is listed on Dirty Jane. We reach out to our community in a variety of different ways, including: E-newsletter (1500 subscribers); Facebook posts (over 10,000 likes); Instagram & Twitter (over 2000 members each); as well as hosting social media contests, gear reviews and brand Q & A with the designers. We have recently created an affiliate program and will approve a limited number of high quality bike-related bloggers and online magazines.



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