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Become A Brand Partner

Hi! Welcome to Dirty Jane. We're so glad you decided to learn more about how you can become a partner with Dirty Jane --a premium online shop for women who love to bike.


We carry a wide range of cycling brands with a focus on gear and apparel for lifestyle, road and mountain. Dirty Jane selects brands with women-specific options and we then become a reseller for your products and brand. We love to partner with smaller independent brands, but you will also notice that we work with larger companies as well. This offers a more diverse selection to our female riding community.


Dirty Jane is exclusively online and works with a drop shipping model.


We like to keep the drop shipping process easy, simple and mutually beneficial. We are flexible and if you work with a different process, we can generally work with you on your process.



Dirty Jane posts your brand product images, sizing available and retail price on www.dirtyjane.com. We write our own product descriptions and take some of our own product shots.



Customers purchase directly from dirtyjane.com (paying Dirty Jane for the retail products, shipping and applicable taxes).



The brand partner (That’s YOU!) receives an email from Dirty Jane that offers you: Customer name // Mailing address & telephone # // Product(s) ordered.


We can also work with your B2B website if you have one, OR you can simply offer Dirty Jane a discount code to shop on your website directly and we will enter in the customer info (a reminder that Dirty Jane deals directly with the customer so you don’t have to). That way we eliminate the email and Dirty Jane places the order with the address of our customer into your website at our wholesale price.


You tell us what works best for you!



You charge Dirty Jane the wholesale price of the product(s) + shipping costs. You will provide Dirty Jane with an invoice to info@dirtyjane.com and then ship the product to the customer directly using your packing materials.


The customer should not receive a receipt or a packing slip from you. They will receive all details directly from Dirty Jane.



You will send Dirty Jane the tracking information. Dirty Jane will send the tracking on to our customer directly.


Dirty Jane communicates solely with the customer throughout the sales and shipping process.



You will have the Dirty Jane credit card and billing address on file. The card may be charged per order or monthly. We also use Paypal. Upon order, Dirty Jane requests an invoice sent to info@dirtyjane.com. If you have a different billing system, let us know the details. We are flexible to work with what you already have established.


Dirty Jane requires regular updates on inventory availability. That way we can mirror your website and not list products or sizes that you no longer carry, or are out of stock/season.


Where are you located?

Dirty Jane is located in the USA. We like to move around with our laptops to campsites & trail heads around the world as often as possible. We are always available by email or phone.

Where does Dirty Jane ship to?

Dirty Jane only ships within the USA. If you are outside the USA, that is fine. As long as you offer shipping within the USA.

My company is not based in the USA. Can I still get my products on Dirty Jane?

Absolutely! We work with many brands who manufacture, warehouse and ship out of their country directly to the USA and/or any place else. Where are you located? Let’s chat.

How does Dirty Jane calculate shipping cost via drop ship?

Dirty Jane works directly with you to decide the best shipping method. We will gladly use your preferred carrier. Either a standard shipping rate or the exact amount of shipping may be determined upon mailing the products out.

Does Dirty Jane ever discount the products online?

Never. Products on the Dirty Jane website will remain at the level at which you specify. We will never discount a product unless you have requested that we do so in order to help move product. Do you have a sale going on? We will match it too if you agree.


Discount Note: From time to time we will offer a limited offer group discount code to a women's bike group or free shipping options, but that is offered site-wide and Dirty Jane covers all of the deals offered to customers.

What do we charge Dirty Jane for the product?

Dirty Jane functions as a retailer much like your traditional stores. Dirty Jane is charged the wholesale price of your product plus the shipping of your product to our customer.

Will you carry all of our products on the Dirty Jane website?

Dirty Jane sells gear and apparel that is women-specific. If the full product line is a good fit we will gladly post all of the products. In some cases, Dirty Jane simply sells a handful of items from a particular Brand Partner (ex: items that are well-stocked, etc).

What if a customer returns a product?

Dirty Jane works with our customers directly on all returns & exchanges and assumes any additional cost associated with this. The items are returned directly to Dirty Jane. Read more here: https://www.dirtyjane.com/pages/return-policy

What if there is a product defect?

If there is an issue with the product, we will follow your company's return protocol. For example, if your common practice is to have the item returned to you and you replace it, we will work with the customer to ensure that happens and kindly ask for your assistance in getting the customer the new product.  

Do you work directly with manufacturers or work with intermediaries?

Most of our communication is with the manufacturer directly. That being said, if you would prefer we work with a local distributor, we are happy to do what works best for you.

We don't currently have an official drop ship program. What do you suggest we do?

As drop shipping gains popularity, we have seen an increase in companies adopting this model and creating a drop ship program. If creating an official drop ship program is not in your immediate plan, we have a very simple solutions. We have many brand partners that we help walk through the process. As you can see from reading the steps above, we can keep it pretty simple for us all. The only risk to overcome is ensuring that the products listed on the Dirty Jane website are in stock with you.

Will Dirty Jane have a traditional store-front (brick and mortar) in the future?

No. Dirty Jane was created to serve a community of women cyclists around the globe. Having a storefront would limit the reach for Dirty Jane as we are interested in supporting women riders of all levels and in all geographic locations. We have built an incredible online community of women that interact with each other, and come to Dirty Jane for the best gear and apparel specifically designed for them. That being said, you may see pop-up shop partnerships at some bike races and events coming up soon!

What kind of sales volume do you anticipate?

We are a small yet growing company. As we bring in new brands we anticipate that it may take two to three months to build the level of awareness and excitement within the Dirty Jane community that a new brand has arrived. One item sold every few days can be expected until the momentum builds.

How are brands promoted on Dirty Jane?

A full "new product launch" is created every time a new brand is listed on Dirty Jane. We reach out to our community in a variety of ways, including: E-newsletter (2500+ subscribers); Facebook posts (over 10,000 likes); Instagram & Twitter (over 10,000 members); as well as hosting social media contests, gear reviews and brand Q & A with the designers.



1 - Send us what you’ve got!Lifestyle shots // product reviews by your customers or writers // magazine or blog articles written about your company // Videos you’ve created or been featured in // Your “About Us” section so we can write about you...plus anything else you can think of.


2 - Send us your high res product images, and your inventory list with wholesale and retail prices. We can also get some of those from your website if that is easier for you.


3 - Be sure to like us, follow up, blog about us. Let your customers know you’ve partnered up with Dirty Jane and that your products are now also available on Dirty Jane. We are here to help each other co-market. Be sure to tag us, hashtag us, and talk about us. We will do the same of course.


4 - Any other ideas for cross-promotion we are so game! Do you want to collaborate on a contest? Co-sponsor an event or a group ride? Co-author a blog post? We are excited to hear what works well for you and work in partnership with you.  


5 - Send us an email at info@dirtyjane.com with the subject BRAND PARTNER. We're excited to hear from you!