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Wilderness Self-Love Workshop by Lady Alliance

The Lady Alliance is a non-exclusive collective of outdoor women looking to break down barriers and get women outside. Thier goal is to build confidence and community through adventure. They are a highly engaged community looking to encourage and grow, share love and inspiration, and explore together. 



We wanted to share more about this upcoming program as it just spoke to our sweet little outdoorsy hearts. The Lady Alliance is now offering SELF-LOVE WORKSHOPS. Yes, you heard it right. How could you not be interested to learn more. 




Learn more about this workshop and others HERE.


Read a little more below about the founder and what inspired her 


Back in 2012 I decided I was going to cycle across Canada.


Through sleet, snow, storms, bugs the size of toonies, 40 degree days, injuries, and a couple close calls... 


I had made it. 


I had cycled from Vancouver to St Johns Newfoundland.


With absolutely no prior cycling experience...


Learning one life lesson after another...


I cycled across Canada. 💕


I’m not special. 


I have terrible lungs, and have never been able to shed my asthma. 


I didn’t train much before hand and I injured my knees on the first pass.

I cried the first couple nights, as I had just experienced a break up (and had to move out of my home) one week before the start of this journey. 


I had to pedal up the Coquihalla in 30 second increments. 


I wanted to throw my bike down in a fit just east of Canmore (but instead I slammed my kickstand down because I knew I’d be too tired to pick it up).


I had a solid cry in Saskatchewan when my cellphone had water damage and I had to cycle an extra 5 km to find a pay phone. 


I am in no way, shape, or form a special human. 


But your mind is a powerful thing. 


I didn’t physically cycle across Canada. I mentally cycled across Canada. 


I learned so much through this journey. 


I learned about comparing myself to others. 


I learned that some would see my adventure and be jealous, yet I was jealous of their time at home with their loved ones. 


I learned that happiness is not the goal. Long term, in the moment contentment is the goal. 


I learned about living authentically. 


I redefined my own success. 


I found clarity. 


And I realized that even though I have or experienced all of those things listed above...


I do not need to be better, do better, or have better to have contentment. 


I am enough. And so are you.


I want to share this contentment with you. 


 Read more over at LADY ALLIANCE.




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