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Biking in Your Jeans

Keep it simple with your clothing choices and you'll usually feel great while riding your bike.

We asked dozens of women on the streets of downtown in Toronto, Canada what type of clothing they loved wearing most on their bike.

The #1 answer ... regular street clothes!

From jeans to hoodies, a blouse for work or a dress; the theme was being able to look "normal" on their bike and stay in the same clothes on the bike, at work or on a patio for apres work sangria.

Who doesn't want to keep their own unique style? Riding a bike does not mean having to give up your fashion sense. There are lots of companies out there rocking cool city styles that are specifically suited for riding your bike; including jeans

Buying jeans on a regular day can be tough enough for us women; especially those of us with those gorgeous booming "biker thighs". In testing out several different pairs of women's specific cycling jeans, the surprising thing we discovered was that most actually fit BETTER than "regular" jeans! 

If you are someone who could care less about how you look, then what about how you feel while riding? We're talking about functionality sisters! We need a little stretch to move and to limit the jeans plumbers butt. We need breathable denim fabric so our co-workers don't leave anonymous scented gifts from Body Works on your desk. We need pockets located in the correct position so your keys and cell phone don't go flying into the gutter (as much as I need a good excuse for the new iPhone7.)  We need material that washes well so we are not left with that damn leg chain stain.


When thinking about investing in a pair of cycling jeans, a handful of experienced city riders passed along these tips:

    • Durability. You want something that will last. You are going to get these dirtier than your other jeans and you will wash them more often.
    • Timeless. Don't go too trendy. Select a style that you love and that you can see yourself wearing next year and the year after. 
    • Stylish. Your style! Select a pair of cycling jeans that are similar to the style you normally choose. Go into your closet and pull out that fav pair. Try to find a similar pair in a cycling specific jean. 
    • Performance. Can you bike with ease in these jeans? If so, you will be a happy cyclist How do you know before buying them? Read as many online reviews as you can from other riders. They will tell you all about the good, bad, beautiful and ugly. 
    • Comfort. We can't stress this one enough. Ain't nothing worse than buying a pair of jeans to ride in, only to have your butt dropping out of the back as you bend over, or the top squeezing into your sides giving you muffin and cutting off blood flow. Find a good size guide online and make sure you can exchange up the size easily if you need to. 
    • Apple Bottom. Okay so maybe this is only important to some...but we heard this comment enough to post it here. Find a pair that gives you a booty you love. #applebottomjeans. 

Looking for more info on commuting on your bike in your jeans? Momentum Magazine offers an overview on everything you need to know about cycling jeans HERE




  • JT: August 16, 2017

    fits true to size

  • Bianca Green: August 08, 2017

    I wear these even when I’m not biking. fit great, look great, and feel great.
    keep it up guys

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