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I've Got Cycling Wonder Thighs!

Do you love your strong cycling thighs, but frustrated at not being able to find a pair of shorts that fit well over those thighs?


Perhaps we can help!

Tell us below in the comments of this blog, if YOU were designing cycling bottoms, what would they look like? What would they consider in order to fit you?


In the meantime...see these styles below that have some fantastic stretch in them for those rocking thighs of yours wonder woman.



  • Megan Paige: May 16, 2017

    I’d like to see shorts that fit my thighs and still fit my waist. Usually if they are big enough for my thighs they are too big for my waist. Even with adjustment tabs I have to take them in.
    I’d like them to be long enough to not have a gap above my knee pads.
    If I can get really picky. I want regular hip pockets but more importantly side zip pockets on each side. Left for my park pass, right for a quick snack and/or map. Not little useless pockets.
    And I’d love to see colour. Not pink, purple and powered blue but deep blue or green.
    These should have zip vents and be avaialable in a light weight fabric for the summer and a water resistant fabric for the winter.
    Oh and if I’m not asking for too much, they should give me some mad hucking powers because right now I’m just getting baby air.

  • Jane Hamilton: May 01, 2017

    I think the gals have more range in booty size than men and any manufacturer willing to accommodate and provide the range will no doubt be appreciated. Shorts with a bit of room and flow for air circulation would be nice, not always a snug fit. Riding you’re bent over a lot or standing on pedals, shorts/pants not too tight at the waist and not low-riding at the back would be an improvement. I’m almost 6-feet tall and not much generally fits as far as womens riding clothes go.

    Loving what I see above, it appears to cover all seasons. :)
    VanIsle Jane

    PS I know you can’t ship north but thought I’d provide some comment and encouragement anyway.

  • Tammy Bushong: April 18, 2017

    I’d love to put a pair of shorts on that didn’t give me #sausageleg and I’m in love w the polka dots on the riveter :)

  • Elisa Wright: April 18, 2017

    So, cycling bottoms. Tough conversation for a girl with large thighs. I don’t necessarily have a huge butt but I do have good ole’ thunder thighs. I typically wear bibs but honestly HATE that I get sausage leg from the bibs. I never enjoy feeling like a stuffed sausage when riding. A good amount of padding mixed with a cycling short is always wonderful but I find that I have to go up in size to fit my thighs and then the waist will start rolling down or sliding down as I ride (because they don’t fit my waist). I’d love to see a short like the last one in this post that has larger panels at the bottom so it won’t give a sausage appearance that also won’t ride down or roll down at the waist.

  • Melissa Wonders: April 17, 2017

    Girl you asked the right question! First I would allow more upper thigh flexing without the rest of the short leg tapering in. Such a weird look! Perhaps some aerated breathable material in the crotch thigh area that allows movement. Adjustable waist Velcro straps are nice. Also a slit on the outside of the leg to allow movement. This one is a no brainer but yet hardly ever happens. True to pant sizes. I’ve returned soo many clothes because cycling clothes appear to have their own sizing code. And two button snaps at the waist . Thanks for listening and caring. Cheers

  • sara shaw: April 17, 2017

    I have just recently discovered my love for big powerful thighs. Like many women I have been tricked into thinking thighs should be skinny, we should all have the coveted thigh gap.


    Thighs are meant to be powerful. Muscles are beautiful. Thunder Thighs are terrific! Curves are good. Muscles push you harder and faster than any skinny thigh ever will.

    So if it were me….I would make some all black shorts that fit. No spandex but no baggies. Just a good fit. Definitely some good pockets. And I would add a picture of She-Ra the princess of power riding a bike instead of her usual unicorn. Across the butt i would print catch me if you can.

  • Sara: April 17, 2017

    I would make the shorts longer, because my thighs are big, the short shorts give me sausage legs and then they look even worse! Also make the top come up a little higher like spanx in a way. Make it more flattering. Unless you have amazing and skinny legs, I sure can’t pull off the short shorts! Then put some different colored panels on the sides to dray eyes into thinking longer and leaner. the shorts shown above look like the inseam is too short and wouldn’t be flattering on me.

  • Jennifer Grundke: April 17, 2017

    I want a pair of xc/downhill shorts that:

    My iPhone 1) will fit into a side cargo pocket 2) where it doesn’t feel like its flopping around 3) I can open the pocket with gloves on to snap a quick pic on the fly

    I want them to be slim-ish with some stretch in the material yet protective enough to withstand hitting the dirt and not getting a hole in them too easily.

    I want a pair of shorts that my knee pads will fit under without bunching up around them

    I want to be able to fit a liner under the shorts but I don’t want others to be able to tell I’m wearing a big ol’ bike diaper under them.

    I want some “cool” reflective trim so I can be seen at night

    A clasp on a short stretchy chord would keep my truck keys safe while I’m out on a ride.

    I also like the little pocket, inside a pocket to keep my id, credit card, etc. safe and secure.

  • Ashley Demedeiros: April 17, 2017

    Hi Dirty Jane,

    I would love Chamois and knee length shorts that fit 25-inch thighs. Mid rise so you aren’t worried about your butt hanging out.

    Light polka dot detail with mainly dark material to hit the dirt and grime for multi-day trips.

    Also lots of pockets that are accessible while sitting on a seat.

    Love Ashley :)

  • Krista: April 17, 2017

    I would LOVE to have chamois that didn’t creep up as you rode! No one likes fabric in their crack. :( A wider leg band would help.

    And here’s my real dream: a chamois that attacked to the knee pads, each holding the other down/up! Like a garter belt of sorts.

  • Denise Schwend: April 17, 2017

    They’d have a wide, stretchy band around the waist that didn’t strangle my midsection, was adjustable as my waist is smaller than my thunder thigh section! Higher in the back so as not to worry about things falling into my pants! I like mine longer but not over my knees while riding. More of an Enduro/cross country rider than road so I like a short over a chamois., not connected, so a little extra room for the second layer. A lot to ask, I know, but fit is pretty important when you’re shredding the trails! Cool designs that clean up well (live in the NW so mud is an every day occurance!) and can take crashing into a rock garden now and again…. THanks!

  • Jenn: April 17, 2017

    Thin, stretch waist band – preferably V-cut so it doesn’t squish into you when you ride. Hit right above the knee. Elastic on the bottom shouldn’t be super tight and dig into you – or super grippy, cause it itches when you sweat!

  • bethany: April 17, 2017

    First and foremost I would make sure that the waist band of the shorts were very wide. No one likes a thing waist band to cut into you. Padding is a pretty personal preference but I’d opt for something in the mid-range when it comes to thickness. Or have multiple options—chamois for lower mileage or longer mileage.
    I would also offer them in multiple color combos. I know women who like pinks, purple, etc., I’m just not one of them. I love primary colors. and definitely shy away from pastels but realize that color is really personal. I do get worn out with color selections though. I feel like I more often than not have the option of buying plain black or traditionally girly colors like purple or teal and that’s about it. I also like large front pockets in the lower part of the leg for phones, bars, etc.
    And, flap pockets in the back are nice because your butt shape usually looks heinous in most shorts and flap pockets sort of hide that.
    I just appreciate the hell out of any company that asks for feedback so thanks! Keep up the great work!

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