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Still Smiling. Even at 3am During a 24 Hour Adventure Race

How can you love someone so much without ever having met them in person?

Ashley applied to be a Jane and her application and the way she lives her life blew us away. I wanna be her when I grow up. Serious. 




Things about  Ashley in her own words:
I’m 29, I grew up in San Diego riding mountain bikes, rock climbing, and camping with my parents and older brother.
I moved to Colorado at 18 for college, I graduated with a degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering. And a “minor” in drinking craft beer, top roping and bouldering, and a new love for backpacking. 
I lived in southern New Mexico for a few years, mostly riding motorcycles and off-roading my Jeep JK. I missed skiing a lot and decided to move back to Colorado about 3 years ago to get back to the things I love - my friends from college, riding mountain bikes, skiing of course, and other mountain adventures. Fitness underlines my outdoor passions and I spend a lot of time in the gym. I have a dog, which I’m pretty sure is a prerequisite for being a Coloradan. She’s a wild Vizsla and we ride a lot together, as best friends do.
This past May I purchased my first full suspension mountain bike, a Pivot Switchblade. I couldn’t be happier, it’s a perfect fit for a small girl like me (I’m barely 5 ft tall). After riding hard tails for so many years riding a cloud is much easier and has helped me take my riding to a whole new level this last year. I love to ride here in Grand County, we have miles and miles of trails. Also I love riding in general - I have ridden all over the state and just got back from some great rides in Park City and Wyoming. I am always up for meeting new lady riders and welcome all women nearby to ride with me at any time. 
I have traveled all over the world and I know that a smile goes a long way, from the trail to the conference room. You will always find me smiling, even at 3 am during a 24 hour adventure race. Smiles are free, and, they’re contagious!
I think if you haven’t tried something in your life yet, that you have nothing to lose. You can always have a good attitude and build each other up- we need more of that in today’s world!


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