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Rebel Girls - A Solo Bike Camping Journey Throughout New Zealand

Casey Sheppard spent 2 years living alone with her dog, mountain bike and jewelry studio in a converted van traveling across the U S of A. These road altering events opened new found philosophies about life prompting Casey to create "Life Lessons Learned from Solo Travel" lecture. As the solo adventures continue so do the stories. Her newest challenge is a 30 day 3000km bike tour across both islands of New Zealand in Feb, Tour Aotearoa

Living the van life, with her dog India!

Dirty Jane is very excited to be taking part in this journey by helping to supply some of Casey's clothing for her journey - from Club Ride shorts, My Alibi Bloomers to Troy Lee jersey's....we are stoked to watch this trip unfold! 

Casey tells us: 

I always tried to be a good girl, doing what I was told. I was told not to play in the dirt. I was told “Ladies don’t act that way”. I was told, “come on baby just a little further”. I was told “I’m surprised you can keep up on a bike”. I was told “ladies should be careful traveling alone”. I was told “to smile”. I was told “to be charming”. I was told "You can't do that!" I was told "You can't go there, especially alone!" I was told to "be quiet." I was told to "be normal."  I was told a lot of things in life. I’m tired of being told. 

I now play in the dirt. I now act like me. I now say NO. I am now a badass on a mountain bike. I now travel alone. I now smile, frown, laugh, scream, even snort or cackle. I am now real. I am now my own self. I am now perfectly faulty and proud of it. I am now loud. I now go everywhere. I now go anywhere. I now go with, or alone. Most of all, I am now a good girl, no longer doing what I am told.

....Part of what I do is push myself almost beyond my limits! Doing things that others may not do, like bike 3000km solo across New Zealand for 30 days. For 30 days I will bike an average of 86 miles a day, I’ll be sleeping in a tent and supporting myself (aka carrying everything on the bike: food, shelter, clothes, etc.). I will be documenting this experience through video, photos, and journals to further my mission of sharing my stories with others. Maybe, hopefully, this will spark a girl to rebel against what she is “supposed” to do and follow her heart.















Casey has created a Rebel Heart Girls Kickstarter to help spread the message. This includes a fun stop animation she made telling about her journey from van life to now. Wanna learn more? 

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  • Caitlin: February 27, 2018

    Welcome to NooZillund!
    Looking forward to following the adventure.

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