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Purpose Over Power

Hey there chicas! Meet Daica, one of our Janes! 
This is one of Dacia's favorite pictures because her daughter painted the “Purpose Over Power” as part of a community mural project with street artist Bisco Smith. She says it also reflects her attitude towards riding take risks, but don’t take yourself seriously. 
Are you in love with her as much as we are? 


In her words:


We moved to the mountains in 2017 and I was committed to getting "back into mountain biking". I struggled with a few things at first but the stoke was re-stoked rather quickly. Heck, I even got a fat tire bike so I could ride during the winter.
Riding last summer and re-learning everything I was so inspired by being back in the saddle that I came up with my "When She Rides, She Moves Mountains" story jewelery collection. And, I just added new "Switchback" designs after getting my Mini-Enduro Race on this summer. I am truly humbled by the women that are drawn to my pieces and feel empowered by wearing them. I share my MTB follies on my jewelry feed because riding (and wellness/fitness in general) is such a big part of my life and has a massive influence on my designs. A lot of my ideas come when I am grinding up and then bombing down hills.
I am a HUGE advocate for getting #morewomenonbikes and, moreover, #moregirlsonbikes. If we get more girls on bikes...and keep them on bikes (that's the trick at the tween and teen stage), then the "more women on bikes" will kind of take care of itself. My daughter is on a jr. devo team with a great bunch of girls. Being that they are early teens to high school aged, it's a tough age to keep the motivation up on a long, hot ride...but I use every opportunity to focus on the rewards of the hard work:  being outside, staying healthy, building a strong body, clearing your mind, focusing on the "now", etc....even when it's lost in the moment...and met with groans and eye-rolls.
I recently got my certification/license as a NICA Level 1 Coach so I can participate in the team rides and set a positive example for my daughter and her peers. I am a firm believer in "leading from the front" even though I ride mostly in the back ;-)
I am 47 and have asthma, but I don't use that as an excuse to not get out and get up those hills. I would rather push my bike to the top of a climb than not ride at all. 


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