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Meet Dirty Jenny Burden

We love Jenny and we know you will too! Jenny's middle name is "Jane"...basically.



In her words.....


If you've ever met me, you know I like bikes. I have bikes I will tell you all about (including one I built myself!.) I have a bike tattoo.  I'm quite possibly typing this while sitting on a bike right now.
I race XC Mountain Bike and XTERRA Off-Road triathlons, not just because I look amazing in Lycra (who doesn't?), but because mountain biking is incredibly fun, incredibly humbling, and incredibly inspiring, all at once!
Since I love bikes so much, I spend a lot of my time convincing others they're cool, too, especially other women. I am a ride leader for Ride Like a Girl, a program through the Austin IMBA chapter, the Austin Ridge Riders, that gathers women of all abilities together to share some time on the trails.
I am also a mentor for the Little Bellas program, which focuses on getting #moregirlsonbikes by providing ways for young girls to learn confidence and bravery through riding bikes. My second favorite thing is dogs, of which I have two (the two best dogs in the whole world. You just try to tell them differently!) and when I'm not on my bike, I'm probably trail running or hiking with them all over Texas!   
I used to race road tris and Ironmans, and while I love endurance challenges, I love the dirt more and have since been looking for the same level of dedication and hard work, but with more fun. I found that in endurance mountain bike racing. My next big goal is to accomplish completing 100-mile mountain bike race. I've tried one and made it 55 miles, and I'm just foolish enough to try again. Training for it means getting to ride my bike with my friends for hours- sounds good to me!


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