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I am a blogger. How can I collaborate with Dirty Jane?

Are you a Blogger? Vlogger? 


Do you write about cycling? 


We are looking for people with a unique point of view on the world of all-things-cycling - - - whether visual or written. You don't have to be a pro cyclist to work with us. What we want is a range of different voices.


  • Weekend Warriors
  • Roadies
  • Seawall Beach Cruisers
  • Beginner Cyclists 
  • Fashionista Cyclists
  • Dirt Divas
  • Mommas with their Babes
  • Cycling Fitness Gurus
  • Hard Core All-Weather Commuters
  • Bike Park Lifty Queens
  • Bicycle Adventuresses 
  • Urban Concrete Lovers 


Dirty Jane partners with bloggers via: advertising; campaigns; and brand projects. 



 Photo credit: Club Ride Apparel (one of the brands carried on Dirty Jane)


Not sure if you are a Blogger or an Influencer? You can also check out the "Influencer" profile details here. 


For more information you can download our Guide to Dirty Jane Collaboration

Or email us at:


*Gentle note: Please have patience with us as we get multiple requests every day. It just takes some time to get through all of your amazing requests. 


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