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It's not what you think. 

Recently Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine came out with an article published an article offering a step-by-step guide with images on servicing your own Öhlins RXF36 Fork. You can read the full article HERE.

So why are we talking about this? Because the bike mechanic in the pictures helping with the tutorial is female.

Now, this should not be news or blog-worthy, but it still is.

So as there is much work that still needs to be done in our industry, it is moments like these that we need to celebrate.

Seeing images like this helps to normalize this as a viable activity for women and hopefully provides "ah-ha" moments for those who had not even considered it. Send it off to the bike shop or let your boyfriend handle it?

Seeing images like this offers a little more inspiration to picking up your own tool set, follow instructions like the ones in this article and give it a shot yourself. 

Good work Enduro Bike Mag





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