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Grateful To The Guys!

Thank you guys. 
You get a lot of shit from us about how we are not supported by you in the cycling world. How the bike races are set up to favor you, or how the clothing is just shrunk and made pink to suit us. That you do not listen to what we need on a bike. That you push us too hard on the trail. That you speed ahead and leave us behind on the dusty road. 
We know that there may still be some douchy dudes out there on two-wheels, but our experience has mostly been the exact opposite and we wanted to thank you for that.
Dirty Jane would not be who it is without the men in our life to help and encourage us. We have had all-male cycling companies reach out to us to ask what they can be doing differently and how they can support us better. We have men in our lives donating their time and knowledge to help women learn the skills they need to become cycling instructors. And we have countless men coming to our webiste asking questions about what they can get as a gift for their sister, mother, daughter or wife who all really want to throw their leg over a bike. 
We are so very grateful to you all. 


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