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Good For Your Soul

Holly rocks our world. She has just joined the Janes and we could not be more excited. 


 In Holly's words.... 


Two years ago, I agreed to go to the local BMX track (Jacksonville BMX) just to check it out, but ended up jumping on a bike and loved it. Immediately, I started racing – and even winning a few along the way!  


Next, I decided I wanted to give mountain biking a try. I immediately fell in love. There is just something about being on your bike and on the trails – you just know it’s good for your soul! 




At the beginning of 2018, I started to invite some of my girlfriends to meet me, on Sundays, to ride the local trails. We did this for about a solid 10 weeks in a row. It was awesome, because it didn’t matter the skill level; we were all there just to ride – getting better and faster each time! Even being a newbie, I loved being able to pass along what I had been learning through my riding to the other ladies! 



In August, I did my first mountain bike race, the “Jerdon Mountain Challenge” hosted by Blue Ridge Adventures in Brevard, NC. My goal was just to finish the race and try not to be last, as this was something that I had never done before. I mean, here I am a Florida girl, getting ready to do a race in the mountains... To my surprise, not only did I finish the race, I placed first in class and sixth in women overall! 



As a Jane, I want to share my experiences with other women as well as learn from them. I want to expand my resources and make new like-minded friends. I think the world needs more passion and if I can just help one person along the way; I will consider myself a success! It’s important for women to support women no matter the passion. Do I wish I would have started mountain biking sooner in life? Of course, but here I am now, and I don’t have any plans to stop riding anytime soon! 



When I’m not on my bike, you will find me hanging out with my boyfriend and our two boys, at home or at the beach! 



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