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Dirty Jane Supporting Women on Wheels Mountain Bike Camp

Get the full low down here and sign up online! 

Women Mountain Bikers are ...Bad A$$ ;)

Women mountain bike together to build strong minds, strong bodies and strong relationships. We laugh together, support and encourage each other, we keep each other safe but mostly we have FUN! And we love seeing women biking on the trails!

This is going to be so AWESOME! We will be riding and learning, laughing and exploring bike trails and skills together on June 23, 2018 at Canopy Bike Trails in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. 

It’s a full day of mountain biking, for women to ride the way you want to ride: where women mountain bikers can do step-by-step skill building, build more confidence, get to know their bike, find their flow, learn with other women in a safe and structured environment and have fun on over 12 miles twisty trails in beautiful Lake Geneva, WI.

This camp is geared towards beginners and intermediate riders!!

After this day you'll look at features and say, "Yeah, I can do that!". But most of all, you'll have lots of laughs and tons of fun!


This Day includes:

Lunch & Snacks

Professional coaching, mechanics, fittings & mini-clinics


The sample agenda below is what your day on wheels might look like depending on which mini-clinics you choose for you.


Saturday, June 23:

8:30 arrive and meet the other women over coffee

Learn about checking over your bike and get ready to ride

Learn some fun tricks you can do on your bike

Shred the trails with ladies at your comfort level

Noon lunch

Get your bike fitted just for you

Learn Bike Maintainence

Get personalize coaching on an endurance ride with friends or pactice balance

4:30 Good Byes

5:30pm Meet for Dinner at a local Lake Geneva Restaurant RSVP so I can set up a reservation

Sunday, June 24:

Just because the camp is over doesn't mean you need to go home! Stick around and check out Lake Geneva.

If you decided to stay the night in beautiful Lake Geneva then lets meet for a no pressure fun ride Sunday morning!

Or you could try ziplining at Lake Geneva Canopy Tours!



About Us. We are women who love to ride bikes, all bikes. We come from all "trails of the woods" and we have decades of mountain biking experience. We are IMBA level 1 and 2 coaches, High School mountain bike coaches, National Mountain Bike Patrollers, endurance riders, mountain bike racers, casual riders, nature lovers, trail builders and mountain bike advocates. We are approachable and patient; our goal is to help you improve your skills and comfort level to try new things.


If you are not convinced to come yet here is a little more.


Testimonies about last year's Mountain Bike Clinic (run by the same women):

“I liked how approachable everyone was! Loved all of the laughing and laid back attitudes.”-Judy

“Extremely organized, stuck to the timetable.” -2017 Clinic Guest

“I loved being with like-minded women who invest in themselves, stretch their limits and have fun mountain biking!” - Amy

“I would totally recommend this event.”- 2017 Clinic Guest

“I liked getting to meet other women who love mountain biking as much as I do! I love that no matter how long you've been riding, there's always something new to learn from each other.”-2017 Clinic Guest

“I am so happy to have had this opportunity. I had so much fun! I can hardly wait for next year!” -Angela


Canopy Trails are flowy and fun with many opportunities to learn new skills. There are over 12 miles of trails to chose from. Beginner to advanced we will have something for you to ride.


What to Bring:

Mountain bike (If you don't have one to use let us know at registration and we can get one for you to use!)

Hydration Pack, Helmet, Glasses

Riding clothes: shorts, gloves, jersey, shoes, shell jacket

Layers for changes in weather or after sweating gear

Cooler with your favorite snacks and beverages Bug spray



Caution. This activity is addicting and you will find yourself enjoying yourself more than you thought. You will pressure your friends to join you or find yourself seeking out others that already have the addiction. You will have euphoric and fear-filled, exhilarating feelings. You will want more and you will leave this weekend feeling accomplished, proud and excited to wander the woods again on your bike. You’ve been warned


A percentage of the proceeds from this bike camp directly support our local trails.


Get in now before prices increase!





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