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-Author Amy Remark has been a long time friend and riding buddy of Dirty Jane. She has offered her expertise, guidance and support along the way as we grew this little company of female riders. Read on about Amy and a recent fall off her bike, and how she is making a come-back....


Hey ladies, guess what sucks harder than being injured and not being able to ride your bike?

Oh, that's right...NOTHING!!

I’m sitting here with my arm propped up on a tower of pillows admiring my cute rainbow camo cast, but as cute as my cast is, I'm super pissed about missing another biking season. It seems I have a four-year cycle for getting injured.

Summer is my favorite season and biking is my favorite sport. And for all you ladies out there who are currently injured, or who have been injured, you know what I'm talking about...being sidelined is the shits.

So I broke my arm...not just my arm but my dominant arm. That's right...I am the left-handed-wonder right now. I'm learning to open jars by squeezing them in between my knees, spread my peanut butter (it ain’t pretty) with my left hand and oh, I just had to tackle shaving my lady bits before I got a casting call for a 1970s porno. Success...phew!



It's tough being injured when you're an athlete and especially if your social circle is comprised mostly of athletes. Because not only am I sitting at home definitely not feeling sorry for myself (insert sarcastic emoji) my friends are still out riding their bikes.

Of course, I don't resent my healthy's just easy to feel left out suddenly. No matter which way you slice it being injured sucks and it makes life harder. I'm a super active person, and while I've got the go-ahead to exercise, it's still a struggle.

I'm a relatively independent and competent person so asking for help is tough. If you're like me, you're like oh no no no I can totally take out the garbage, clean the house, change the sheets on my bed, walk the dog and feed myself with one arm. I did break down recently and had a friend come and chop food for me.

 But I’m strong and capable...I got this. It would be awesome if my dog could make coffee--at the very least. I do pay for his entire life.

But the best part is...I make my living as a writer. Yep, I need all ten fingers to be working!! Thank gawd Google created talk to text...thank you Google Masters. It's not super ideal, but it's working.

Okay, so how do I cope? Lots of crying…. just kidding. Copious amounts of beer…. only half kidding...

... I tell myself every day that nothing is permanent. If anything this injury is reminding me to be grateful for being healthy. And I'm finally taking all those vitamins I should be taking anyway!

I'm using it as a chance to grow my freelance business, catch up on some books I've wanted to read and work on my mental stamina--like riding a spin bike. I f****** hate indoor cardio. Riding a spin bike is total torture for me, so I'm going to up my mental game.

To all my fellow Janes out there who are in the same situation, remember this word….Anicca {pronounced anicha}... nothing is permanent.


I wish you all a speedy recovery, and I'm sending you happy and healthy vibes.

And I hope you all have someone who loves you enough to shave your lady bits, so you don't have to do it with your left hand!!


Ps. I think I will buy myself some rad new gear...motivation to heal faster :)


Author: AMY REMARK -  truth seeker, animal lover, writer, entrepreneur, friend, athlete, adventurer, online marketer. Find out more about Amy here:



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