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All About Dirty Jane


Guys....they are always tryin’ to lean in for a smooch 😘🤪

Hi! This is me, Dirty Jane! .... and my little dog Nacho. A few things about moi below.....

🚲 I lived in Vancouver and Squamish, British Columbia for 15 years.


🚲 Many years ago, I was on a hike and I saw a group of women riding bikes on the North Shore. I knew I had to try it.


🚲 The next day I went to rent (yes rent) a bike two sizes too big for me and borrowed whatever gear I could find.


🚲From there I proceeded to get lost in the woods more times than I can remember, earn more bruises than I'd like to remember and had the best time of my life.


🚲 I finally took a women's bike clinic and became a solid intermediate rider (I love my blue runs).


🚲One day, standing in the line up at the Whistler Bike Park, I noticed that all of the women we wearing almost exactly the same clothing items. So little variety was available at that time.


🚲 Long story short, I married my love of online shopping (yikes!) with my passion for riding bikes and launched @dirtyjane .

🚲 I LOVE WHAT I DO! I love helping women get access to more options for their body-type and hope to continue to offer a wider selection as we grow.


🚲 I also absolutely love working with smaller independent cycling apparel companies owned and operated by women. It is my sweet spot and @dirtyjane has partnerships with so many cool brands out there. It makes my soul so happy. 😘 I lived in Arizona for a few years and could bike in 5 min to South Mountain. Those trails in Flagstaff are fricking fantastic too! I feel lucky to have lived so close to so many incredible mountains nearby - AZ, CO, UT, etc! 🚲 Currently, I am travelling South, working, loving life.


🚲 If you ever have questions reach out to me here or at 



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