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How to Channel Your Cycling Fashionista

Do you love to ride your bike around town, but struggle with what to wear?

We feel you. The struggle is real when it comes to what to wear on your bike.

Whether you are heading down the street on your bike with your basket to grab some groceries, dropping the kids off at school, or looking to park your ride while you grab a drink with your girls at the local pub...looking good while you ride equals feeling good while you ride. It is a scientific fact.

Here are a few tips to help you channel your urban cycling inner-fashionista.

Tip 1: Choose the colors that you love.

This may seem obvious, but when you are looking for more technical clothes for riding your bike (especially if you sweat a lot) your color options are sometimes limited. Seek out different brands of athletic gear that carry different color ranges for your own personal taste and style. Go with what you love and already often wear. When you slide open your closet to look for your work outfit, is a sea of black pants and dresses staring back at you? If so, then we advise you steer clear of the pink or purple bike apparel options many cycling clothing companies are fond of creating. Brands like Nuu-Muu offer a range of colors and patterns, while Cogma offer some great neutral tones and understated classic plaids.




Tip 2: Select technical fabrics, but in your favorite styles.

Get a fabric that breathes well. Trust us on this one. 100% cotton does not cut it in the cold, nor the heat when you are riding your bike, even if it is your favorite hoodie or pair of jeans. Club Ride Apparel for the win on this one. This brand carries an endless selection of casual yet technical items such as: flannel-like button down shirts; technical stretchy fitted jeans; cute T-shirts; and apple bottom shorts that offer just enough coverage where you need it. No one will even know you are actually wearing technical apparel.




Tip 3: Dress for the weather.

Ain't’ nothing worse than showing up at a friends party with soaking wet clothes due to the yucky weather. Do you live in the land of rain? Don’t let stop you from throwing your leg over your bike. What you need is full rain coverage, such as the Hardy poncho from the brand People’s Poncho. This one-size fits all hi-rise, 100% waterproof poncho comes in yellow, navy blue, black and camo (our personal fav) options at a super reasonable price. This poncho even has internal straps to hook onto bicycle handlebars or over hands so legs are protected from the rain while riding your bike.



Tip 4: Find inspiration online.

When in doubt on what to wear as you pedal off into the sunset? Be sure to check out thousands of cycling chic ideas online from those who do it so damn well! There are tons of Pinterest boards created just to inspire you






  • Dana: August 10, 2017

    The Poncho is a big hit in our household. I had to buy a second one for my husband as mine would go “missing” when it rained. I just wish they had a few more styles and colors.

  • Laurie: May 03, 2017

    The struggle is real LOL

  • Karla. P: May 03, 2017

    The People’s Poncho is a must have

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