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The Best Women's Mountain Bike Shoes On Dirty Jane

The Best Women's Mountain Bike Shoes On Dirty Jane

I remember the exact moment I decided enough was enough.

I had just hit a huge step down on Dirt Merchant at the Whistler Bike Park when my foot slipped off my pedal, and I didn't break my leg by some kind of wizardry.

That's when I knew it was time to upgrade my skate shoes.

They had served me well while I was learning to mountain bike, but as I was hitting bigger drops and riding faster, they just weren't offering the grip I needed to stay safe.

Luckily, women's mountain bike shoes had JUST become a thing -- yep, that's how long I've been riding. So I finished my run, walked into the bike shop, purchased a pair of 510 flat pedal shoes and left my skate shoes behind forever.

What a difference!

I don't ride Dirt Merchant anymore, and I've recently switched from 510's to Ride Concepts, which I love. I'm always SO grateful for my grippy flat pedal shoes when riding all the tech and rock in my hometown Squamish, BC.

When I decide to session something, or I'm setting up my tripod to get some content for you, I'm thrilled when I don't slip on a steep rock face or jumble of wet roots.

And I'm super stoked that Dirty Jane can now offer you Ride Concepts mountain bike shoes. We've literally got you covered from helmet to shoe now!

If you already ride with mtb-specific shoes, you know. And if you don't, or you're due for an upgrade, we've currently got Livewire and Hellion Elite flat pedal shoes by Ride Concept available in our store.

You're gonna LOVE the hot styles for 2022! They will make you fly.

Grab your size before we sell out, and thank me later!

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