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Should You Wear Padded Bike Shorts {Chamois}?

3 min read

Should You Wear Padded Bike Shorts {Chamois}?


That number? That's the number of nerve endings in your most precious lady part...

... twice as many as men, FYI.

And if you've ever ridden a bike (which you prob have if you're here) you know from experience a vulva in a saddle can equal extreme pain.

Long rides can huuuuurt. Hell, short rides can hurt! You know it. We know it.


Queue the padded bike short (aka chamois).


Yep, the padded bike short, aka chamois, are a game-changer.

If you're a road biker you'll probably wear them on their own. And if you're a mountain biker you most likely throw a pair of baggy bike shorts on top.

But here's the thing...

As much as we wish we could advocate for the chamois to be the savior of your rides, we can't.


Because a pair padded bike shorts alone won't fix a painful ride.

Whaddya mean, you might be asking right about now...

To help you out, we put our lady parts to the test. We wanted to find some answers so we hit trails with and without a chamois on rides of varying lengths.

And what did we learn?

Well, we discovered a chamois is a wonderful addition on any ride, and we highly recommend you wear one, but a padded bike short alone isn't enough.

We found the combo of a comfortable bike seat -- at the right angle -- and a chamois is the BEST way to not feel like your lady bits have been exposed to the pear of anguish (do NOT look this up, you'll never be the same again).

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We can't help you with the bike seat but we can help you with the chamois.


If you purchase a high-quality chamois and you're still experiencing pain, we recommend you turn to your saddle. Try adjusting the angle and if that STILL doesn't help, it might be time to replace it.

And be warned... chamois are NOT all created equal. We love our yoga wear... for yoga.

But when it comes to biking, we trust chamois made by actual mountain and road bikers who've been testing and refining product for years.

Don't trust your most valued asset to just anyone.

Below you'll find a few of our fave chamois...

These shorts are cut well to avoid the bulge (ain't no grown-ass women wanna look like they're wearing a diaper or just shat themselves) and are made with super high-quality material.


Own more than one pair of padded bike shorts.


We recommend stocking a few of these if you ride often - less laundry, yay! And less temptation to wear them dirty. Ewww.

Oh, and ladies... leave the underwear in your underwear drawer. Padded bike shorts are meant to be worn sans undies. The less in there to potentially bunch up and pinch, the better.

Plus, shit's gotta breathe!

Enjoy longer rides and skip the post ride whydoesitburnwhenipee ugly cry.

Keep 'em safe and pain-free,

Dirty Jane Team xo

A few of our best selling padded bike shorts to get you started...

Some of our best-sellers

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