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My Top 5 Places To Mountain Bike

My Top 5 Places To Mountain Bike

For the last 20 years, I’ve lived in Canada's Sea to Sky Corridor -- home to world-class mountain biking.

If you’ve been to Squamish or Whistler, British Columbia, you know what I’m talking about: A spectacular network of trails stretching 180 kms from North Vancouver to Whistler, framed by the Rockies to the east and the mighty Pacific to the west, and built by some of the best mountain bike trail builders on the planet.

I’m super spoiled..

And when you live somewhere like Squamish -- and Whistler for the first five of those 20 years -- why on earth would you want to ride anywhere else?..

One word: Rain. Sometimes it rains -heavily and steadily - for 14 or 15 days on end. I'm not a delicate little flower and I don’t melt in the rain, but recent world events have proven mountain biking is crucial to my continued good mental health. And being on lockdown AND not being able to get outside? It’s soul crushing.

Your drool-worthy (and motivational) mountain bike adventures

I’ll be honest… since taking over Dirty Jane a little over a year ago, but especially over the past few months, I’ve spent hours and hours and hours on Instagram stalking, swooning and drooling - swooling, if you will, other people’s incredible mountain biking vacay pics and vids.

And I gotta say…

I’ve seen some pretty freaking impressive riding on some killer trails and I’m ready, nay, PRIMED - to get back out on some dry trails and share the adventures.

What mountain biking fun is there to be had beyond my Sea to Sky bubble?

There’s definitely lots of fun to be had outside my bubble… and there are places I never imagined would have good riding. Like Texas! Hello, did you know there’s a lift-access bike park in Texas? I didn’t even know Texas had hills… so there you go.

There’s so much radness out there I could spend the next 3 years driving around and riding my bike. Hmmmm, should I join the #vanlifers?

The crappy thing is…

I had planned to visit a bunch of new places in late summer and fall when the riding turns to shit in Squamish. ‘Cuz… the rain.

And thanks to COVID all those plans got shut down. Eff you crap-ass pandemic. Eff you.

Okay, anger and disappointment aside, I’m crossing my fingers everyone is safe and healthy and doing what you need to do to keep your mental game strong.

AND, I’m letting the universe know how I feel about this pandemic… it betta not interfere with my travel plans, or yours -- I’m selfless like that -- in 2021.

My list is long. And although I may not get to every place in 2021, here are my top 5 riding spots I want to hit sooner than later.

QUEBEC: Everywhere

Realistically, this one should be easy. Easy because I’m currently hanging with my fam in Ontario, Canada. That means Quebec is a hop, skip and jump away. And there are no borders to worry about crossing.

I’ve been watching some YouTube vids of some pretty epic riding in Quebec and am super stoked to head to all the good riding spots next summer.

They've got steep terrain, rowdy rocky terrain, wood, thick forests and all the rock rolls.

I can't wait to explore every kind of riding Quebec has to offer.

Bring it, Quebec!


If the world rights itself and the borders open, I will be heading down the east coast for some technical riding.

When you live on the west coast of British Columbia it’s easy to turn into a mountain snob. Admittedly, I’ve scoffed at the miniature-sized mountains out east, but the truth is you don’t need THAT much elevation to have fun.

And I’ve been watching riders cruise down some steep and techi terrain at Mountain Creek Bike Park.

Who knew New Jersey had more going for it than Snookie and Bon Jovi?


If you live in or near Arizona, you’re most likely familiar with the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival.

Yep, I’ve never been.

2021 was going to be my inaugural year. Not that I need a festival to get me there!

The riding looks brilliant, it’s just more fun to explore new trails with a bunch of enthusiastic riders.

And if you love rock rolls as much I do you’ll totally get the attraction to the red rock.

I’m coming for you, Sedona. I’m coming.


Okay, do you know Roxy? ‘Cuz she’s the reason I want to ride in Mallorca.

Watching her stunning videos of the crystal blue water, rugged mountain terrain and adorable kitties, has me pining for Spain!

I may have to show up with my animal rights placards to help free the bulls, but I know I’ll love the riding.

I mean, wow. If you aren’t following @roxybike_mallora on Instagram I highly recommend you start. You’ll be planning your trip there within a minute of scrolling her feed.

Roxy, get the guest room ready, I’m coming!


I was so close once. So close.

But the weather turned and I couldn’t make it happen.

Angel Fire Bike Park looks fun and rowdy and I can’t wait to get back to the area again so I can ride!

I also plan on hitting up Glorietta for some big climbs to test my sea level lung capacity.

So there you go! My top five place to mountain bike 2021.

I’m taking applications for bike sponsors, van sponsors and anyone else who’d like to fund my fun 😜

2020 you can go suck it. 2021 you betta deliver the goods!

Where’s your top place to mountain bike -- or road bike -- this year?

Share in the comments below.

And if you have tips, secret trails, best place to eat, camp, stay… share that, too!

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5 Responses

Michelle Pommier
Michelle Pommier

October 23, 2021

2021 is the year of recovery for me, so I am living vicariously though others, so thank you on your top destinations list!

I’m creating a state-by-state retirement (T-5 years, selling everything and toy hauler living) workbook, this will include each states too “bikeit” locations, along with hiking trails, state parks, ghost towns/haunted attractions, and anything unique about that state.

Ride Bikes ~ Be Happy

John Francis
John Francis

April 08, 2021


Susanne Meline
Susanne Meline

April 08, 2021

Great ideas – thank you!

How about Downieville, California? They are building out an epic trail system sierratrails.org/watch-a-trail-for-everyone
as featured in www.Patagonia.com/dirt-magic/video-86291.html

Sincerely, Susanne Meline (new co-owner of Riverside Mountain Lodge)

Cathy Cooper
Cathy Cooper

January 05, 2021

I want to go to all those rad places with you Amy, when things open we should check em out!!!

Noël Peck
Noël Peck

January 05, 2021

Being from NJ originally and marrying the owner of Diablo Bicycle Rental and repair shop at the base of Mountain Creek Bike Park ( Formally Doable Bike Park) I can tell you it’s a must for you to ride there! Living in Colorado we frequently ride Angel Fire but Covid eff’d that up last year. It’s one of my favorite places to rip DH. I have never been to Whistler so that’s on my bucket list!

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