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Mountain Bike M Check {Bike Safety First}

Mountain Bike M Check {Bike Safety First}

Ladies! How many of you do a safety check on your bike before heading out for a killer spin?

I'll admit... I'm guilty!

I do a bike safety check, like, never.

But now that our ambassador, Danilu from Trail Sends, has put it into an easy to follow once over -- called the M check -- I'm going to start.

At least 50% of the time. 😉

Watch the video below as Danilu takes you through the letter M on your bike.

And if you're more of a reader, head on down past the vid and you can read all about it.

Stay safe out there!

Hey guys...

Today I'm going to walk you through a basic bike check,
sometimes called an M check because we're drawing the letter M on our bike, just so we don't forget any bits and pieces along the way.

You should do this bike check either when you get done riding or before you head out for a ride because things can come loose, and it's just a good idea to do a basic bike safety check every time you ride.

So we're going to start on the front end of the bike...

Give the front wheel a quick spin, make sure there's no major wobbles and it's spinning freely.

Next up is the quick release. This one holds your front axle in place and can come loose during a ride so make sure it's tiiiiight!

While you're down there, give your brake calipers a little tug. But be super careful not to touch the rotor as you may potentially contaminate the brake pads.

Next, check to make sure your suspension is open. Give your bike a good compression and make sure that's working.

Then we're going to move up on to your brakes. Be sure to test both the front and the rear brake and make sure those are working.

Ready to check the headset? It's easy...

Place your finger and thumb on either side of the spacers (these are right under your handlebars), hold the brake with your other hand and gently push your bike towards you and away from you.

Feel for any play in the headset. If you feel something it means you need to tighten it. It can come loos so don't neglect this one.

And now we're going to move on to the drive train of the bike...

Next, give that rear shock a bit a rock. Kidding, just make sure it's open and push down on your bike.

If everything seems a-okay, you can move on to the dropper post. Does it go up and down? You're on to something!

Now it's time to make sure your chain is spinning freely and there's no major noises there.

Then, doing the same test with the rear wheel, give it a spin. Don't almost wipe yourself out like I did.  

Okie, time to check those back brake calipers. Give em a tug to make sure they're on tight -- be careful of that rotor again.

And last but not least, the rear axle! Make sure that sucker's on tight!

If you don't have a rear quick release just make sure you've got a good tool handy.

That's a wrap!

A a super quick and easy safety bike check.

Remember to do the M Check frequently and your ride will be smooth like Rachel Atherton hitting a fresh berm in a loam forest.

Danilu Lordes

Danilu has been mountain biking for over 10 years. She raced Ironman triathlons for several years then retired her road bikes!

She began her trail adventures racing off road triathlons. Danilu then went on to race Cross Country mountain bike races and Duathlons.

She now offers private lessons to the mountain biking community in San Luis Obispo county.

You can find her here: www.trailsends.com

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