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The Best Bike Shorts For Big Butts And Thighs

3 min read

The Best Bike Shorts For Big Butts And Thighs

These shorts are adorable but, ugh, there's a huge gap at the back.

If I can't wear a belt I'll be pulling them up all day or showing off my faded 20-year-old tramp stamp and ass crack to everyone who rides behind me.

Fine. I'll try on one size down to see if they fit.

Dammit. Now I can barely get them past my thighs...

Whyyyyyyy bike short gods, why?!?

If the above scenario sounds oh too familiar, you found the right blog today, biker babe.

I swear there should be a support group for us ladies who have to deal with the back gap in order to get shorts over our gorgeous and strong thunder thighs and biker booty.

Sometimes it can feel as though the fashion industry has overlooked us like the middle child or forgotten generation (that's Gen-X for those of you scratching your head).

Well, I'm here to share you can stop yelling at the mirror in the fitting room (when that was a thing)and revel in the good news...

There are bike shorts to fit your gorgeous booty.

They exist. I swear!

In fact, there's more than one. I know, right? Impossible!!

I wouldn't dare lead you on my bootylicious friend.

You may have heard me talk about these bike shorts before because I'm still elated they even exist.

As someone with a small waist and bigger butt and thighs, I can't get enough of these shorts. And there's plenty of colors and styles to choose from.

Okay, I won't keep you in suspense any longer...

I present to you three pairs of shorts that will glide over your muscular thighs, peachy bottom and fit wonderfully around your hourglass waist.

Be gone back gap!

First up -

The Neaveah

These mountain bike shorts have everything you need to hit the trails. Waist adjustment, yep. Big pockets to carry your phone, snacks, poop bags, car keys... and whatever else you need, you betcha!

I have the Green Camo and LOVE them. They do fit small according to the size chart. I'm considered a small in these, but because I like my shorts a little looser, I went up to a medium.

For reference, I'm 5'9" with 40" hips.

Something else to consider is the fabric. The camo shorts have slightly heavier fabric than the Naveah and Naveah Print. But overall, you'll love how good these shorts will look on your booty and the extra roomy hips.

The Freel

These bike shorts by Wild Rye are just so damn cute and they have tons of stretch which makes them easy to wear.

For reference, I wear a size 8 in these shorts. And if you remember, I have 40" hips. They fit tighter than the Naveah, but with all that stretch I don't ever feel restricted. So, if you like baggy you might want to order up a size in these...

But, keep in mind, they WILL stretch out as you ride and if the waist is too big, your only option is a belt.


I LOVE these mountain bike shorts.

They have a long inseam - 13.5", high waist, the fabric is soft and stretchy, and they have huge pockets -- I'm talking MEGA pockets -- on each thigh to carry your plus-sized phone, trail snacks and whatever else you need to stash.

These shorts fit on the baggy side so you don't need to size up in these, even if you're on the upper end of the size range.

There you go, my friend. The best bike shorts for big booties

No more frustrating episodes of having to skip the cute shorts or deal with ill-fitting shorts when you're trying to concentrate on riding.

Spring is coming and it's time to start thinking bike shorts. Yay!

Have questions about sizing? We're always here to help you pick the right size on the first try.

Email us anytime at

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