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MT8 Disc Brake by Magura


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We've been riding Magura brakes exclusively for almost 10 years, and we can attest to their quality and stopping power. The MT8 is Magura's highest level performer for all categories, with its comprehensive use of the finest materials and the substantial application of FE analysis, MAGURA’s top-of-the-range MT8 model pulls off the absolute optimum balance between weight and stability. The newly developed Carbotecture SL is used for the brake lever, together with carbon on the brake lever and the clamp which now weighs just 2g. Both the carbon clamp and carbon lever are the products of a new type of Carbolay process and thus provide the highest strength combined with the lowest possible weight. Aluminum bolts reduce the overall weight still further. Excellent heat dissipation is achieved with the brake caliper due to its open design and large surface area. The new MAGURA MT8 represents the pinnacle of technology and performance! 

Technical Features- Carbolay lever and clamp, Carbotecture SL master cylinder, One piece mild aluminum caliper, Super lightweight, 278 gram front brake with Storm SL rotor and hardware. Rotor and adaptor are not included, but are available seperately.
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